ArtsA Gift

This is ArtsA Gift

Located in a room within RR Freestyle 
on Detroit Road in beautiful Westlake Ohio.
Its a nook, an alcove, a tiny glimpse of interesting carved out of our showroom of fine apparel.   We hope to make this a little spot for you to purchase one of a kind "little" pieces of artwork that will make great gifts or fun take home things for yourself. We're not trying to be a big gift shop, and when you see our location you'll know for certain that we aren't kidding.


Interesting Items from USA Artists
and Merchants and sometimes far off lands.

We all know how it is when a special occasion pops up, and we're looking for a truly interesting item to get that "special someone". 
Men often panic, and many a woman will obsess.  Its hard.  Everywhere we go we're bombarded with the same items.  Everything looks the same, and it seems as though everyone has one.  We struggle to find something clever, or genuine, or just plain fun. 

ArtsA Gift is based on the concept that it is seeking to do three things:

  1. Provide a unique array of small items that are not likely to be found everywhere.
  2. Support artists currently crafting their wares in the USA.
  3. Make this tiny 81 square foot shop, a "must go to" location for your truly special gift buying. 

We won't have thousands of the same item. You'll be lucky to get the only one ever made.  But we will try to listen to you and learn what it is you like, and then we'll go search for it.   We opened the doors for business on May 1,2012.  
As of January 2014 we have 14 specialty brands and 44+ wonderful artists that are being represented through our tiny shop.
Our customers seem happy.
We're happy.
Our artists are happy!
We'll strive to make YOU happy too!

Our thanks to you for visiting today~~~

Where is ArtsA Gift?

We're just inside the doors of RR Freestyle, located at 26107 Detroit Road, Westlake Ohio 44145. 


Contact Us at : 440.250.5600

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