ArtsA Gift Catalog

The 2012 List of ArtsA's USA Artists:

They were found near and far. From California to New York City. From Cincinnati to the southern tip of Texas.  And they are full of life and artistry that cannot be found in your nearby department store.  The trick is to get the item you most admire before it is gone, because often times only one piece exists.   That's how it is with artists. They create a beautiful piece and its just for one special someone.   We're very excited to share them with you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As we end our first 12 months of business, it is to these artists and their beautiful products that we owe thanks and appreciation. The pieces that they sold to us and we in turn sold to our customers were the backbone of our plan. Not one of these people let us down. Not one of these artists did anything but perform at the height of professionalism. And each and every one of these artists will always be special in our hearts. We look forward to many more years of working with them through ArtsA Gift, a nook, an alcove, a little spot of interesting! Thank You to all who made my dream possible. I hope I helped you in yours, if only just a little bit.
Here is to a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

ArtsA Introduces the following USA 2012 Artists