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ArtsA feature Artist May 2012: RETURNING 2013-14-15 ARTISTS

ArtsA Gift is proud to present Hot Glass Designers-
Jessica Flanagan and Jim Moody-Paradise,California

Art Glass is one of those things that draws you to it. Its not just a glass piece, its a true work of art with depth and visually stimulating presence. In their hot glass studio in Paradise, California we found Jessica Flanagan and her partner Jim Moody running a full scale Art Glass Studio. What they produce is amazing works of art in the form of vases, vessels, cups, and art sculptures.

The colors flow and you can almost feel the heat of the fire as you examine a piece of Art Glass that has truly come from the artist. We purchased one from each Artist. One from Jim, and one from Jessica. Each is signed and dated.

ArtsA Gift already visualizes Origami flowers flowing from these vases!
Available only in shop.

Artist: Jessica Flanagan and Jim Moody- Hot Glass Sculptor and Designer

NEW! Frosted Feather Vase-Just Arriving: Jessica Flanagan (signed dated)
Dimensions - (appx.) 10 1/4" tall, 5 1/2" at widest opening, 4" base

Jessica in her studio



Jim Moody in Studio



Hand Blown Art Glass Vase - Red and Vermillion
Deep hues of Cherry and Vermillion red with black feather pattern
Jessica Flannigan signed/dated-
Dimensions 9.5"x 5"x 5" appx. (h/w/d)



SOLD! Hand Blown Art Glass Vase - Zebra Pattern
Black and White flowing stripes
Flanagan signed/dated
Dimensions (appx.) 9 1/2" tall, 8" at widest, 4 1/4" base.