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ArtsA feature Artist September 2014, Returning 2015:

ArtsA is proud to present feature Greeting Cards from
Nancie Dunn-Middlebury,VT.

A card was delivered to ArtsA Gift on a gloomy day in August that bore a message that truly hit home. It wasn't a label card. It was an Artist card. It began our search for the Artist, and that's when we found Nancie Dunn.
Her graphics were wonderful. The colors were vibrant. The drawings were warm and fun and funny. The messages were appropriate and lite. Each card contains its own message inside and room to write something to the recipient.

In the bio offered by Nancie she says,
"I attended The Philadelphia College of Art and The School of Visual Arts in New York City majoring in illustration. I have been involved with graphic design and the visual arts all of my adult life. I started my wholesale line of greeting cards about 4 years ago. I have had my own retail store, Sweet Cecily, in Middlebury Vermont, for 25 years."

ArtsA Gift loves functional and whimsy!! Nancie's Cards provide us with both!
Available only in shop.

Artist: Nancie Dunn- Graphic Designed Greeting Cards








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