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ArtsA feature Artist January 2015:

ArtsA is proud to present Mixed Media Artist-
Joline EL-HAI, Seattle, Washington

"Whimsical little snipets of dreamlike stories" is the description Joline El-Hai uses to describe her wonderful luminettes. How apt a depiction! Trained extensively since 1975, this Seattle resident has worked her passions through pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, glass, etc. and in 1994 introduced Bella Luz Lights. She had created a full line of production luminettes using her artwork transferred on to transparencies that were then housed in the most ingenious copper housing. Proudly this copper is 90% recycled copper and environmentally friendly with its 4wt.bulb.

Over time Bella Luz Lights has expanded and now boasts over 117 different Luminettes, table lamps and cards. All of which are wonderous and beautifully detailed.

As is always true for ArtsA Gift, we can only accomodate a small number of pieces at a time. It is with excitement that we bring you our first offering of Bella Luz lights through a selection of Luminettes specially selected with our customers in mind. We can't wait to offer more pieces down the road, but for now consider the warmth and beauty of the artistry from Joline and check back often to see what new pieces we acquire for you.

ArtsA Gift has admired these lights for over a year. What could be a more perfect addition to our tiny shop, if not tiny lights to shine through the night.
Available only in shop.

Artist: Joline El-Hai- Mixed Media Nightlights

SOLD! Deer Nightlight



SOLD! Dragonfly Nightlight



SOLD! Giraffe Family Nightlight



Hummingbird Nightlight



SOLD! Kaleidescope Flower Nightlight



Nest Nightlight



SOLD! Orchid Nightlight