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ArtsA feature Artist May 2012: RETURNING 2013-2014-2015 ARTIST

ArtsA is proud to present Wire Ring Artist-
Gloria J. Turner, Carmichael, California

Gloria Turner goes by Glory on selling sites like eBay. A nick name given to her as a child by her grandfather. She has been married to her husband for over 50 years, has 3 children and they have blessed her with grandchildren. She and her husband traveled the entire USA participating in fairs and craft shows living in an RV for 15 years, before settling down in Carmichael, California. They decided to stay put and utilize the internet. It has rewarded them well. Gloria's rings are sold internationally now in two stores in Israel, and ArtsA is excited to have her rings in our shop in Cleveland,Ohio.

What makes Gloria's rings so special? Well perhaps its the fact that she uses rolled gold, formed from a solid tube of 14kt gold and filled with high quality metal, usually brass. This gold exterior is then permanently bonded to the core using a combination of high heat and pressure. The exterior is solid 14kt gold that is 100 times thicker than plated metals. It will never crack, peal, chip or wear off. She guarantees all of her rings to last a life time!

Gloria provided ArtsA with a brief history of Wire Crafted Jewelry that we think you will find interesting as you review these pieces:

The History of Wire Crafted Jewelry:
Wire Sculpted Jewelry is an ancient craft that Biblical Scholars have dated back as far as 1446 BC. It is known that Egyptian and Phoenician artists practiced that art over 5000 years ago and pieces of jewelry have been found in the pyramids as well as ancient Pharaoh's tombs. It is the only known metal jewelry craft that is created completely without soldering or casting. Soldering or casting is a technique that uses heat by flame or torch to melt the metal together. Creating Wire Jewelry is more of a challenge, as it is held together only by the wires. The wires are twisted, bent and cut, using only the skill of your hands and the basic tools of wire cutters, pliers and ruler.

ArtsA Gift likes the historical value AND the beauty of these little gems.
Available only in shop.

Artist: Gloria J. Turner- Wire Jewelry

Tiger's Eye Bead Gold
/or Silver Wire Ring
Available in Gold size 5 and 7.5/Available in Silver size 8



Blue Czeck & Blue Crystal Bead Silver Wire Ring
Available in size 5



Turquoise & Denim Lapis Bead Gold Fill Wire
Available in size 6



Rhondanite Bead w/Gold Bead & Gold Fill Wire
Available in size 6.5 and 7



Snowflake Obsidian Bead Gold Fill Wire
Available size 8



Yellow Jade Bead Silver Wire
Available size 6 and 7



Mother of Pearl and Denim Lapis Bead Silver Wire
Available size 6.5