ArtsA Gift 2015 Catalog

ArtsA feature Artist January 2015:

ArtsA is proud to present Polymer Clay Artist-
Berenice ZW, Wintergarden, Florida

Berenice has made the USA her home for the past 16 years but originally traveled from Brazil. Her sense of color and creativity is a form of therapy for her and comes out through her beautiful presentation of polymer clay jewelry and gifts. She has created an extensive line of products that she sells online and via shops that include pendants, bracelets (as seen here) pens, pill cases, mirror cases and various other items that she adorns with love and joy. As a mother of small children this is a brilliant way for her to emerse her senses in something that she hopes will bring pleasure to all those who come across her work.

Once again ArtsA Gift, has purchased only a small number of pieces at this time. A wonderful selection of bangle bracelets to fill our need for "a little Bit-O-Bling".

ArtsA Gift thought the settings selected by Berenice were warm and reflect our belief that wonderous energy can be encompassed in small pieces of gloriously colored art when presented with elegance.
Available only in shop.

Artist: Berenice ZW- BeClayZy Polymer Clay Jewelry

SOLD! Antique Floral Bangle



Multifloral Bangle



SOLD! Lavendar Floral Bangle



SOLD! Rhinestone Abstract Bracelet



Violet Floral Bracelet



SOLD! Deep Blue Floral Bangle



Abstract Poly Bangle